Mini Overland Camper

Nov 24 2023 by will
I see it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated anything here. I’ve started a new project, a little more hands-on than some of my previous, more online-tech related ones. I made what much of my family considers to be a somewhat unwise purchase, a 1958 utility trailer: I’m planning on making it into a custom mini-overland style camper for some solo travel shenanigans in the not so distant future.

Slow but Steady

Aug 17 2022 by will
I’ve been remiss in updating here, but other than incredible heat outside there’s not been a ton going on. Lots of small progress on things that nobody will care about, upgrades to the house (security cameras, wifi coverage upgrades, etc) and ongoing vehicle maintenance. I did “finish” my kayak trailer, but so far have only used it once. If anyone knows where I could find a 20’ shipping container for a reasonable price let me know.

Clean Slate

Jan 24 2022 by will
It’s been long enough since I wrote anything here that it only made sense to start over, wipe the blog slate clean. It had become a dumping ground of poorly written stream-of-consciousness type of posts that meant nothing to anyone, least of all myself. I’ve decided to re-dedicate this as a bit of a personal project log. There won’t be any real set structure, or cadence of posts. If I think about it, I’ll document whatever side project I’ve worked on recently here, with pictures or video or whatever.
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