Mini Overland Camper

I see it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated anything here. I’ve started a new project, a little more hands-on than some of my previous, more online-tech related ones.

I made what much of my family considers to be a somewhat unwise purchase, a 1958 utility trailer:

I’m planning on making it into a custom mini-overland style camper for some solo travel shenanigans in the not so distant future. I already undid some previous owner after-market mods, removed some junky lights, replaced some of the unused originals and re-wired them to be a little better than the inevitable twisted wires / hardened electrical tape job that had been in place for years:

That’s all I’ve been able to get going so far; holidays, weather, and shorter winter days all conspire against me. I’ll try to keep updating with progress as it happens, though.

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