Clean Slate

It’s been long enough since I wrote anything here that it only made sense to start over, wipe the blog slate clean. It had become a dumping ground of poorly written stream-of-consciousness type of posts that meant nothing to anyone, least of all myself.

I’ve decided to re-dedicate this as a bit of a personal project log. There won’t be any real set structure, or cadence of posts. If I think about it, I’ll document whatever side project I’ve worked on recently here, with pictures or video or whatever.

In the meta spirit, this first post is about the site itself since that’s the project I’ve been working on most recently. A lot of the grunt work for the site was done by past me, I just had to re-structure the content and post tagging etc to reflect the new “mission” of the thing.

It’s still based on Hugo, like most sites I’ve built recently. I like the concept, the simplicity, and outright speed of the static site generator movement, as well as the ease of hosting / integration with free CI/CD platforms like Gitlab to keep things organized, consistent, and simple to update. The project home for this blog itself (including all the “magic” for the Hugo build and artifact push to their “pages” site hosting) can be found here.

In the future, expect better of me with photos etc of some of the more physical projects I work on. Just right now there’s a mini Kubota tractor, a 1969 Army 5-ton 6x6 truck, and a former pop-up camper I’m converting into a kayak carrier trailer all sitting in my yard waiting on warmer weather to put wrenches / welder to… so much more to come.

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