Slow but Steady

Aug 17 2022 by will
I’ve been remiss in updating here, but other than incredible heat outside there’s not been a ton going on. Lots of small progress on things that nobody will care about, upgrades to the house (security cameras, wifi coverage upgrades, etc) and ongoing vehicle maintenance. I did “finish” my kayak trailer, but so far have only used it once. If anyone knows where I could find a 20’ shipping container for a reasonable price let me know.

Clean Slate

Jan 24 2022 by will
It’s been long enough since I wrote anything here that it only made sense to start over, wipe the blog slate clean. It had become a dumping ground of poorly written stream-of-consciousness type of posts that meant nothing to anyone, least of all myself. I’ve decided to re-dedicate this as a bit of a personal project log. There won’t be any real set structure, or cadence of posts. If I think about it, I’ll document whatever side project I’ve worked on recently here, with pictures or video or whatever.
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