XCP-ng First Release!!!!1!!eleven!!1!

Apr 4 2018 by will
“And in the fullness of time, on the last day of the promised Q1 2018, lo did Olivier deliver unto the world the primal release of XCP-ng. And the sysadmins at large saw, and said “It is good.”” The promised day has come and gone, and left us with the first release of XCP-ng! I was a little late to the game to be on the “official” mirrors for this initial drop, but I’ve also got the .

FOSS Hypervisor Showdown, Part Two

Jan 4 2018 by will
In part one of this little series, I covered in some detail my investigation of oVirt as a potential replacement for XenServer in my environments. While I feel it is a very robust product, the lack of functional .ova import / export is a deal breaker for most of my use cases, since the day job has a lot of developers that depend on that. Today, we’re going to look at Proxmox VE, another KVM/LXC based platform but based on Debian this time instead of CentOS.

FOSS Hypervisor Showdown, Part One

Dec 31 2017 by will
Regular readers will remember that I’m still pissed at Citrix for some of their recent product feature level decisions; and I’m not alone. I’ve updated my last post with some early info on XCP-ng already, but it’s very early days there, so there’s no real certainty of when it will come about. To that end, I’ve been re-visiting some of the various other platforms I’ve used over the years for headless server virtualization.

Xenserver 7.3 Cash-Grab

Dec 15 2017 by will
Update Dec 30 2017 The open-source world has responded to this egregious action by re-awakening the old XCP program under a new name, XCP-ng. I'm all for this, and will be watching closely and helping them out any way I can. Anyone else that has the personal bandwidth is encouraged to do so as well. After using the open-source Xen hypervisor for a while, I moved to XenServer and loved it for years.
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