Terraforming, and Birthdays

Nov 4 2018 by will
It’s been a while, but I haven’t found anything interesting to write about lately. Until last week, when I got this message in Mattermost PM from our CTO guy: “I’m about to create a ticket that I think will be fun for you (and its something strategic we need within the next several weeks). Go start looking at Terraform” I’d already looked at Terraform some two years ago when I was evaluating automation tools for use at the day gig, things to help with the increasing tedium of recurring tasks on a growing number of systems in various locations around the world.

git-ing the F outta Dodge

Jun 4 2018 by will
I’ve come to amend a lot of my previous thoughts about Microsoft, especially since Win10/Srv2016 came about and undid a lot of the buggery that previous iterations spawned, to say nothing of the newfound love for various Linuxes by Azure etc. But the news that Microsoft is buying GitHub is… concerning. Fresh in my mind still is the long history of vitriol from Microsoft’s mouth about the open source world; a world that has massive roots in GitHub’s clusters; even entire code languages whose package management depends entirely on GitHub.

BSD Investigations, Part Two

Nov 26 2017 by will
In my last post, I briefly rambled about my early hands-on with FreeBSD. Today I’m going to expound a bit, and maybe show some pictures. Saucy! Since my early experiments in VirtualBox showed such ease and promise, I found some physical hardware to continue with: That’s TrueOS installing all right, on the powerhouse that is the Acer AspireONE Netbook. This mighty beast has a quad-core Atom CPU, with a full 2GB of RAM.

BSD Investigations, Part One

Nov 13 2017 by will
For lots of reasons, lately I’ve been pretty interested in the various BSD variants, notably FreeBSD. This has a lot to do with my current choice of firewall software (pfSense) being based on it, which thanks to recent changes I’m looking at virtualizing instead of running dedicated hardware for. More on that later, I think. I’ll admit, I’ve always seen the BSD family as better suited to embedded-type applications, probably largely due to pfSense being my primary exposure to it.

(Arch) Linux freezes on second resume...

May 16 2017 by will
I run Archlinux on most of my workstations, including the trusty Lenovo t420 that I carry around. It’s been an amazing little tool, and remarkably functional for close to 6 years now. Try that with a freakin’ Macbook. Anyway, recently I noticed that it would occasionally freeze right after waking up from suspend to RAM, but only the second time I suspended it after a cold-boot. The first suspend/resume cycle would work just fine, but on the second resume it would wake up the display then immediately freeze, no mouse movement, no TTY switching, nothing.
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