Bahstahn Propah

Jun 24 2017 by will
Giving Boston a real chance When we first got to actual Boston a couple of days ago, we drove around a little to check out the city and get a feel for things. That kinda sucked. Narrow streets, being tired from the drive up, other terrible drivers, and unfamiliarity with the layout combined to make it pretty stressful. Today however we decided to give it a real chance, and went to find some bits of the Freedom Trail.

College visiting

Jun 22 2017 by will
Yale is impressive… Connecticut is beautiful, no doubt. We drove along a river, through little towns with hillside homes and restaurants that are so very different from what we’re used to in Texas. As an added bonus, it wasn’t 100+ degrees, so we could (and did) drive with windows open and arms poked right out, literally touching this New World. We spent the night in a hotel right on a small inlet off of Long Island Sound, and had the smell of the salt water and the sound of boats all night.

Travellin' Man

Jun 21 2017 by will
Road Trip, part the first We started by passing through the familiar territory of East Texas, and Arkansas, which was pretty uneventful. Then, we crossed the Mississippi river to our first overnight stop in Memphis, including some Beale street BBQ for dinner and a little sight-seeing: Many, many, many miles of Tennessee later, including stopping to pick up a rock that a roadside cliff-face discarded as a souvenir, our second overnight was in Roanoke, VA; against the advice of several family members that think it’s dangerous somehow, because of a TV show and because it mysteriously vanished at least once in its history… we were fine though.
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