Almost a year, really?

Sep 18 2019 by will
It was pointed out recently that I haven’t written anything here in almost a full year… well, as you might expect a fair bit has changed: Firstly, I bought a house and moved ~400 miles. There was a lot to this decision, clearly. I don’t speak a word without thinking through the repercussions, so something of this magnitude was carefully considered. My two oldest offspring (the ones living with me full time) have graduated high school, and moved on to their own lives, mostly.

Malaise, and the fixing thereof...

Sep 17 2017 by will
I’ve spent a long time (feels like a really, really long time), ultimately making cash for someone else, in exchange for a very small fraction of the same. I’ll admit, what I do doesn’t directly make money for any company; rather I create and streamline processes and tools that let those direct earners and producers do their jobs, thus making measurable monies. Sometimes, I tell myself I do it so I can feel busy.
Sharing is Caring...